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Hanukkah Chocolate Bar Favors

Happy Hanukkah Star  and Menorah Chocolate Bar Image

Here at Kreation Specialties™ Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers, are a unique gift option for your Hanukkah celebration. We offer a choice of HERSHEYS® 1.55 oz. milk chocolate bars and 1.50 oz. KitKat® chocolate wafer bars. Shown are some pre-designed Hanukkah Chocolate Bar Wrappers. To ensure a crisp image we use high qualitylaser gloss paper to print our Hanukkah chocolate bar wrapper favors. We also are pleased to offer Hanukkah Chocolate Candy Gifts Sets with Kosher candy products. This is a unique gift option to celebrate the Hanukkah Holiday Season. Hanukkah is a time for family and friends to come together and a SWEET way to celebrate is with one of our unique Hanukkah Chocolate Candy Bars.

HERSHEYS® 1.55 oz Milk Chocolate Bars are - Kosher Status: OUD
Hanukkah Menorah Chocolate Wrapper - Front 1
 Hanukkah Menorah Bar Favor 1- front

Hanukkah Chocolate Wrapper - Back 1
Hanukkah Menorah Bar Wrapper - Back
Happy Hanukkah Menorah Candy Wrapper - 2 - Front 2
Hanukkah Menorah Wrapper - 2
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper - 2 Back
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper - Back
Hersheys® Bar Hanukkah Wrapper  3 Front 3
Hersheys® Bar Hanukkah Wrapper  3
Hersheys® Bar Hanukkah Wrapper  3 Back
Hersheys® Bar Hanukkah Wrapper Back
Hanukkah Hersheys® Bar Wrapper  Front 4
Hanukkah Hersheys® Bar Wrapper  4  
Hanukkah Hersheys® Bar Wrapper  Back 4
Hanukkah Hersheys® Bar Wrapper Back 
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper Front 5
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper 5
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper 5 Back
Happy Hanukkah Candy Wrapper Back
Hanukkah  Chocolate Bar Wrapper 6  Front
Hanukkah Chocolate Bar Wrapper 6 
Hanukkah  Chocolate Bar Wrapper Back 6
Hanukkah Chocolate Bar Wrapper- Back  
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