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Mint Books also known as Match Mint Books but have a MINT inside and make a great corporate favor, or use as a favor for Christmas, Hanukkah, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, ALL HOLIDAYS - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa even parties. Instead of handing out a business card give out a mint book to advertise your Business or to say "Thank you". Let us add your logo on the front of the mint book and than we can add your company information on the back of the mint book. All our Mint books are made using a heavy card stock and we use a high quality laser printer. You must e-mail us with Name (s) to print on Mint-book wrapper, any text and also any dates if needed. Each match book mint comes with one pre-wrapped Life Saver® mint candy.

Minimum Order is 75 Mint Books
@ $.70 (cents) each

* Setup & adding text:
$6.00 - $11.00 for whole

Call 908-769-6825 to order
Halloween mint book
Halloween 1- front
Halloween mint book-back
Halloween 1- back

Thanksgiving mint book
Thanksgiving 1
Thanksgiving mint book-back
Thanksgiving 1

Thank You - 1 mint book
Thank You 1- front
Thank You -1  mint book-back
Thank You 1- back

Thank You - 2 mint book
Thank You 2- front
Thank You -2  mint book-back
Thank You 2- back

Business mint book front
Business 1- front
Business mint book-back
Business 1- back

Proud mint book front
Proud 1- front
Proud 1mint book-back
Proud 1- back

Election - 1 mint book
Election 1- front
Election -1  mint book-back
Election 1- back

Confirmation - 1 mint book
Comfirmation front
Confirmation -1  mint book-back
Confirmation back

Christmas 1 mint book front
Christmas 1- front
Christmas 1 mint book-back
Christmas 1- back

Christmas 2  mint book front
Christmas 2- front
Christmas 2 mint book-back
Christmas 2- back

It's a boy - 1 mint book
It's a Boy- front
It's a boy  mint book-back
It's a Boy- back

It's a girl - 1 mint book
It's a Girl 1- front
It's a girl  mint book-back
It's a Girl- back

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